Our Fall Semester begins Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

That’s Right, the Raleigh Study is on Tuesdays this year.

JOIN US FOR THE BOOK OF ACTS. Online registration is still open. Although we are The Monday Night Bible Study, this year we will be meeting on Tuesday night  because of scheduling conflicts. Now you can think of us as The Monday Night Bible Study on Tuesday.

The Monday Night Bible Study On Tuesday is a great mix of personal study, small group interaction, lecture insights, and commentary. This is also a great way to stay connected to God’s Word. The study’s weekly gathering of small groups and lecture time will help you stick with it.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need help registering or are new to Monday Night Bible Study on Tuesday contact us at and we can assist you. We will be meeting in person this Fall, but for those with special needs or circumstances, we are planning to still offer a Zoom option.

The book of Acts is a first-hand account of Christ’s work after He ascended into heaven as recorded by Luke. He gives his eyewitness experience of the Holy Spirit coming with power at Pentecost and how thousands of Jewish people believed in Jesus. He describes how the Jewish church decided that Gentiles can be full participants in salvation. He documents how “witnesses” spread the message of Christ from Jerusalem throughout the Mediterranean and turned the known world “upside-down”.

Our Vision & Mission

The mission of Monday Night Bible Study is for every class member to be “taught, trained and transformed” by the study of God’s Word.

Monday Night Bible Study’s purpose is to sharpen your Bible study and life application skills so you can better live out your faith in the home, church, and marketplace. We accomplish this through:


  • Personal Bible study and reflection
  • Small group discussion
  • Lesson lectures with Johnny and Beth Evans

Studying God’s Word

Small Group Discussion

First-Hand Stories of Growing in Christ

Added Insights through Lectures for Each Lesson